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Next thing you know your singing all of the classic latino ballads with your new friends watching the sunrise. A common word used to represent a large quantity of something. Vaina is one of those words that seems to have multiple different meanings and uses.

Hell yeah, lets do it! Commonly used as well when joking around with friends.

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The Colombians refer to men and women a different way than other Spanish speaking countries. Vieja literally translates to old woman but in reality its used to talk about a young to middle aged woman. If you have discovered guaro then you will surely have use for these words.

If you walk around late at night with your cellphone in your hand not paying attention to whats around you and you get robbed then it is said that you gave papaya. More specifically its a kiss thats more like a peck. But they are often used to refer to the same thing.

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Another use is when people tend to hook up for the first time. However the expression is used when someone is coming onto someone. This one actually took me several years to get the true meaning as I always understood it in the literal sense. Normally this represents being bored about something.

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However in Colombia it is often used to represent when somebody is sad, upset or even depressed. An expression used when you are absolutely and utterly exhausted. Usually used when there is a big group going to do something together so everyone puts their share of money in so that you can buy said things. A classic verbal jab used when you want to express disagreement and even go as far as to mock offence to what someone has said.

I always seem to get a smile from a paisa when I use this one as it is considered very paisa so they get surprised when a foreigner uses this against something that they have just said. As an Australian guy, my definition of blonde is very different to the colombian definition.

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They more or less consider anyone with blonde blonde hair to a light brown hair a mono. A coomon phrase that is used to represent when someone is to pay attention to something or someone. If you want to show disgust for something then these are what you would use.

This is not a word that you want to hear when a Colombian is describing you. Used to describe a good looking male.

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There is nothing sexual about the expression and other guys can use it to describe their friends. Regelar means to give something as a present but when used in this form is generally means that something is a bargain or very cheap, or cheaper than what was to be expected.

Medellin has an up and coming craft beer culture. With several craft beer festivals popping up throughout the year as well as more options being offered in cafes and restaurants there are now more options than previously with just the nacional beers being offered. Be sure to try them out. This piece of street slang has 2 very polar meanings depending on the context.

Chimba can be used to represent something very good o very bad. The literal meaning translates to a vagina and is slightly vulgar but it is used in a lot of street slang. A luca is used to represent Colombian pesos. So if something costs 20 thousand pesos you can say that it costs 20 Lucas. This is a common word used throughout Medellin used to represent when somebody is in a bad position or with bad luck. As a foreigner and basic level Spanish speaker when I first arrived to Medellin I used to always order my food by translating literally from English. Would you like to have dinner tonight?

Would you like to go out with me? Yes, I'd love to. Thank you, but I can't. Gracias, pero no puedo. Lets go somewhere else. Vamos a otro lado vah-mohs ah oh-troh lah-doh. I feel like going for a Would you like a drink? Do you have a light? Are you having a good time? Want to see the roof? Kyeh-rehs vehr lah teh-rah-zah.

What star sign are you? Shall we go outside?

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I'm not looking for anything serious. No quiero nada serio. Quiero tomar las cosas con calma. Sorry, but I have to go. Lo siento, pero me tengo que ir. I just want to be friends. Solo quiero ser amigos. I've been thinking about you. He estado pensando en ti. Do you like me?

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I like you very much. Can I kiss you? Would you like me to walk you home?